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The start and development of Saker Music

The start and development of Saker Music Company Written by Márton Szives New year, even new decade is upon us, and we were eager to hear the aims and achievements of Saker Music company from Áron. It’s time for a summary! Márton Szives: The launch of Saker Music Company was a real success and you’ve…
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For the memory of Mrs. Márta Kurtág

  Written by Márton Szives The members of the Saker Music Company would like to honour the memory of Mrs. Márta Kurtág, a prestigious pianist, piano teacher, and the life-long muse, creative partner and personal critic of the world-famous Hungarian composer Mr. György Kurtág. Mrs. Kurtág who influenced students every day As an acclaimed teacher…
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Interview with Áron Simon arranger and founder of Saker Music

This interview was made by Roland Maitz for his Masterthesis. The student of the University of Music and Performing Arts at Graz asked Áron Simon about his ‘An Alpine Symphony’ arrangement. Translated by János Sutyák   How did you get the idea of working with Richard Strauss' 'An Alpine Symphony'? Usually I don’t look for…
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Briefly about Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a classical music prodigy, who grew up to be a genius.  The timelessness of his music had so many components. On the one hand, he had exceptional musical talent as demonstrated by his perfect pitch, musical memory, brilliant ability playing on the harpsichord and on the violin too. He sang well,…
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Why Choose Saker Music?

We live in an age where it is becoming increasingly easier to access music via the internet. We at Saker Music know that copies of just about any piece of music are available for little to no money, and are attainable through many avenues, (though some not necessarily legal). So why choose Saker Music? What…
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