What shall a diligent composer do, if he supposed to take a creative break while waiting for the opera libretto? The answer is so simple: compose instrumental music! Well, but what kind? Actually, any kind, because even this composer had suggested in his writings, that everything could be composed. That means, all kind of phenomena in the world could be expressed with music. A work of literature, e.g. ‘Also sprach Zarathustra´ by Nietzsche could be
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a classical music prodigy, who grew up to be a genius.  The timelessness of his music had so many components. On the one hand, he had exceptional musical talent as demonstrated by his perfect pitch, musical memory, brilliant ability playing on the harpsichord and on the violin too. He sang well, as he had tenor voice as an adult. Due to his perfect pitch, he could not stand loud noises, including
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