Saker Music

Support the Music to Be Born

Saker Music knows that music, and music making, takes room—room to grow, room to expand, room to resound.

As publishers of music, we stand ready to help you make room for your finest work to fill new and familiar spaces—whether on stage, in recording studios, or a stadium. Wherever you perform, we will clear a path for you to be at your best with the music you play.


Saker Music Company publishes music that has never been published before.

In 2017, after careful preparation, Saker Music began making its mark in the publishing world. Our portfolio includes brand new compositions, as well as arrangements of existing music.

Saker Music Company is proud to cross international borders, working in cooperation with composers from all over the world. At the same time, musicians from across the globe have joined the Saker Music team to deliver the newest literature in the brass world to the public. On our YouTube channel you can find our most recent publications being performed by highly esteemed professionals as well as today's greatest up-and-coming artists.

You can also stay up-to-date by checking out our rapidly expanding catalogue. We strive to satisfy the needs of beginners and professionals, as well as those who find themselves somewhere in between, by covering multiple levels of difficulty and publishing music of many different genres, as well as many different chamber group arrangements / combinations.


If you want to perform music on your next concert composed or arranged with the highest standards, then Saker Music is the right choice for you.

Whether you are looking to play for your own entertainment at home or to perform in a big concert hall, we have a wide variety of repertoire to match your needs. Hard copies of our broad collection of sheet music can be purchased in our web shop, or you can immediately download it in a digital PDF format. Now, you have the ability to download a single part from your favorite composition and play along with your favorite recording!

One of our many goals as a company is to publish great music that may have gone unnoticed, is forgotten, or is simply unknown to the public but still brings value to the music world. It is also very important to represent and give credit to our excellent arrangers and composers. Therefore, every piece of music that we publish is designed and printed with careful attention, so you can be assured that behind every note is a person.


Saker Music is more than just a publishing company. We like to think of ourselves as cultural ambassadors. Since establishing our company in early 2017, we have made video recordings with some of the world's most exciting brass artists, such as: The Slokar Quartet, The Szeged Trombone Ensemble, The Premier Trombone Quartet, and many more. These fine artists have inspired thousands of musicians around the world by their superb performances of our publications. These artists have also inspired us here at the Saker Music Company to create publications of the highest quality for their artistic needs and/or unique venues.

We have found that forging a personal connection with every client gives us room to do what we do best in our business. We are delighted to have artists, music educators, conservatories, ensembles, composers, and arrangers in our musical family. We strongly believe that person-to-person contact is both fun and important to maintain these relationships. This commitment allows us to make room for artists as their music grows, expands and resounds in their own communities.

Our motto Support the Music to be Born is meant to encourage our customers to purchase original sheet music. Buying our music supports real people who work hard to give you what you love.